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Day 0

18 February

Session Venue

Trainees Registration

Day 1 of the APTLD Members’ Training Session: Marketing

The session is envisaged to be conducted as a string of classes to be delivered by experts and practitioners from Afilias and AEServer, and including:

09:00-10:30    Registry and registrar relations, also including:

       1. What Registrars Want
       2. How Resellers fit in
       3. How to Think About Domainers
       4. Handling New Releases
10:30-11:00    Coffee break
   Communication, PR, and Earned Media in Marketing
12:30-13:30    Lunch
   Using of data and stats in marketing
14:30-15:30    At the end of the class, trainees will be invited to undertake a test to check their expertise in marketing.

Day 0.

19 February

Session Venue

Day 2 of the APTLD Members' Training Session

Technical: IPv6 Training

For the full description of the training and supporting materials, please visit: https://www.ripe .net/support/training/courses/ipv6/outline

The training will be delivered by Massimiliano Stucchi, the IPv6 Programme Manager and a trainer at the RIPE NCC.

Expertise: IPv6, BGP, Routing Registry, RPKI, LIR operations, DNS / DNSSEC, network design and engineering.
In his position he travels around the RIPE region to perform trainings on how to better use the resources assigned by his employer. In his past life he was CTO, founder and owner of an ISP/ITSP/WISP and also a consultant with experience ranging from web technologies to carrier-grade networking topics. He is vice president of the Italian FreeBSD Users Group (GUFI).

ME DNS Session (TBC)

Note: On both training days, coffee breaks and lunches for the training days will be served at: (tbc)
20 February
Session Venue


Lobby, Mezzanine Floor, by Rooms 6-9

The Opening Session

Joint Session with ICANN Middle East DNS Forum


  • TRA (TBD): Host’s welcome address
  • Ai-chin Lu, APTLD Board Chair
  • Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC
Rooms 6-9, Mezzanine Floor
10:30-11:15 Official Group Photo/Coffee break
Official Group Photo will be taken at: (tbc)
Coffee break will be served at: (tbc)

Session 1: GDPR: Tales Not to Be Told by the Fireplace

Joint Session with ICANN Middle East DNS Forum

Panel Discussion
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now become an important part of the operational reality in the domain name industry. Over the past several months, the ICANN community has been working hard to ensure the continued access to domain registration data (WHOIS) in a way that is compliant with GDPR. Discussions around administrative, legal and operational effects of the GDPR on generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) and country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) will take place.

Moderator: Alister Paterson, auDA

  • Stephen Deerhake, .AS
  • Andi Budimansyah, PANDI
  • Emily Taylor, Oxford Information Labs
  • Raedene McGary, CentralNic

Rooms 6-9, Mezzanine Floor
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Will be served at: (tbc)

Session 2A (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

Policy/Legal: National Cyberlaw and TLDs: the Buoy or the Deadweight?
With governments increasingly wary of cybersecurity, the session is meant to highlight the benefits ccTLDs and gTLDs gather from the tightening cyberlaw and strategies they should opt for to better adjust to stringent, if not strangling, environment.

Moderator: Erhan Karabardak, .auDA
  • Brent Carey, .NZ: A Safer .NZ

Session 2B (Venue: Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor)

The ME DNS Forum: Policy Session. New gTLDs: Future Rounds
Since the launch of the new Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Program in 2012, over 1200 new top-level domains have been introduced. The ICANN community has been reviewing the policy recommendations related to the new gTLDs, to improve the program and prepare for a potential next round. The session will explore the outcomes of the ongoing policy efforts, and shed light on the policy aspects of specific interest to the Middle East.

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Session 3A (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

Policy: Pin ‘Em Down… or Not: Whether Local Presence for Registrants Matters
As many governments are keen to retain the imperative of the registrants’ local presence, the big question is if it is the only solution in today’s globalized world. The session is to weigh pros and contras of open zones vis-à- vis hermetic ones and discuss good legal and administrative practices.

Moderator: Gihan Dias, .LK Domain Registry
  • Ahlam Abu-Jadallah, .JO
  • Yuri Takamatsu, .JPRS

Session 3B (Venue: Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor)

ME DNS Forum Technical Session: Internationalized Domain Names and Their Universal Acceptance

The session will discuss the status and challenges of enabling and using Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), with a focus on the domain names and email addresses in Arabic script. The panelists will cover the community work towards developing standards to make IDNs secure, enabling their variant labels to promote international access, and encouraging their universal acceptance across different platforms and applications to promote their wider use. Panelists will also discuss how the wider community can contribute to the ongoing work in this area.

  • Nitin Walia, Data Xgen Technologies
17:30-18:00 Wrap-up of the day and housekeeping notices
18:30 Leaving for the Gala Event

Gala Event

on board of a traditional Dhow sponsored by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates

21 February

Session Venue

Session 4A (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

Administrative: New Registry Services
Today’s registry is a complex machinery with many departments doing many things. The panel is to discuss which new services can be adopted to complement the traditional ones and how they benefit those who dare.

Moderator: Le Nam Trung, VNNIC

  • Nitin Walia, Data Xgen Technologies
  • Ruwan Wigamage, LK Domain Registry
  • Wahyoe Prawoto, PANDI

Session 4B (I) (Venue: Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor)

Technical: Root Server System Evolution
The Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) recently issued a report on proposed governance model for the DNS Root Server System and its Root Server Operators, RSSAC037, which will be presented by:

Presenter: Lars-Johan Liman, Netnod, and Michail Anisimov, .RU

Session 4B (II)

Domain Abuse Activity Reporting (DAAR)
An overview of ICANN org's Domain Abuse Activity Reporting (DAAR) project will be presented. DAAR is a system for studying and reporting on domain name registration and security threat (domain abuse) behaviors across the top-level domain (TLD) registries and registrars. It aims to report security threats to the ICANN community, which can then use the data to facilitate informed policy discussions.

Presenter: Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob, Lead Security, Stability and Resiliency Specialist, ICANN

10:00-10:10 Technical Break

Session 5A (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

Marketing: Target Segments, Schmarget Segments
Dou you know any millennial around you? Better still, are YOU a millennial? No? How come? How about the elderly (and no, we do not mean you are the one). Anyway, they all are your potentiql audience, so you’d better know your enem, sorry, customers to treat them right. The session focuses on ways and means to identify and classify, and treat them so that to have your TLD prosper.

Moderator: Min Jung Park, KISA
  • Maria Kolesnikova, .RU
  • Tinuk Andriyanti, PANDI
  • Tom Barret, Encirca
  • Joe Alagna, Afilias

Session 5B (Venue: Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor)

ME DNS Forum: Technical: DNS Operations and Security
This session will cover an array of security measures implemented in the DNS such as DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), DNS Privacy (DPrive), DNSSEC, and KSK Rollover.

Lead: Massimiliano Stucchi, RIPE NCC
  • Pavel Khramtsov, MSK-IX
  • Mohammed El-Bashir, Packet Clearing House
  • M. Shidiq Purnama, PANDI
11:10-11:30 Coffee break

Session 6A (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

Technical: The Myth of the Better: An Alternative DNS Root Concept and Its Implications
While astronomers are at odds over the question whether our universe is one and only, or one of many, how can one be sure DNS is set to stay on as the only universe for the TLD community? A heretical idea is fun and a good inspiration for a techie’s job.

Moderator: Allister Paterson, auDA
  • Lars-Johan Liman, Netnod
  • Mikhail Anisimov, .RU
  • Patrick Jones, ICANN
  • Davey Song, Yeti DNS (TBC)

Session 6B (Venue: Room 6- 9, Mezzanine Floor)

ME DNS Forum: Policy: Protecting your Domain Name
Are you a domain name owner? Want to learn how to respond should your domain name get hijacked or transferred illegally? This session will cover best practices on what to do in such instances. Perspectives from Registrars, Registrants, as well as ICANN org will be shared.


The APTLD Annual General Meeting (Part 1) (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

At the meeting (open to the Ordinary Members only ), the community will:

  • Approve nominations of the ascending Board members;
  • Approve the 2018 Accounts
  • Endorse the Board Chair Report for 2018

Session 7B (Venue: Room 6- 9, Mezzanine Floor)

ME DNS Forum: Emerging Trends in the DNS
Blockchain technology represents an innovation that is poised to disrupt several industries, from commercial transactions to real estate to patient data. DNS is emerging as a way to integrate blockchain applications with the existing internet. The following applications will be reviewed:
Integration of Blockchain and digital wallets for virtual currencies
Decentralized DNS for greater security and anonymity
Internet of Things
Geofence applications for drones, airports and ecommerce

Moderator: Tom Barrett, CEO, EnCirca Inc.

  • Phil Roberts, Diamond Key Security
13:30-14:30 Lunch

The APTLD Annual General Meeting (Part 2) (Venue: Room 2, Mezzanine Floor)

At the meeting (open to the Ordinary Members only ), the community will:

  • Approve the 2019 APTLD Budget
  • Discuss other matters of general concern

Security in IPv6-enabled TLDs (Venue: Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor)

This session will discuss IPv6 and IPv4; ROAs and IRR; Monitoring for IPv6; IPv6 DDoS Protection; Getting Proper IPv6 Connectivity; Numbers on the traffic levels between v4 and v6.

Lead: Hisham Ibrahim, RIPE NCC

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

The Joint Concluding Session: Taking Stock

  • Concluding remarks and closure of the Joint Meeting
  • Housekeeping announcements
Room 6-9, Mezzanine Floor

Board Retreat

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