Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) is a route utilized by the organizations for falsely moving benefits from high duty purviews to low or no assessment sky by receiving inventive expense arranging systems. To handle these hurtful assessment works on including unlawful shirking or tax avoidance, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) concocted an activity intend to handle charge evasion.

As an individual from the OECD Inclusive Framework, and because of an evaluation of the UAE’s duty system by the European Union (“EU”) Code of Conduct Group on Business Taxation, the UAE presented a Resolution on the Economic Substance (Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No.31 of 2019, the “Guidelines”) on April 30, 2019. Be that as it may, on August 10, 2020, new Economic Substance Regulations were presented via Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No.57 of 2020 which supplanted and repudiated Resolution No.31.

Economic Substance Regulation applies to all Licensee and Exempted Licensee carrying on the Relevant Activities in the UAE, including the Free Zone or Financial Free Zone; with impact from the year 2019.

Article (1) of the ESR characterizes a Licensee as an element, that is a juridical individual (corporate legitimate substance with a different lawful individual from its proprietors) and unincorporated association (organizations working in the UAE without having a separate lawful body), which carries on a Relevant Activity in the UAE.

Excluded Licensee according to Cabinet Resolution No.57/2020 methods any of the accompanying:

  • Venture reserves
  • A Licensee that is Tax Resident in a Jurisdiction other than in the UAE
  • A Licensee that is completely possessed by at least one UAE Resident and meets the accompanying conditions:
    • a) An element ought not to be essential for the MNE Group
    • b) An element should convey business just in the UAE
  • A Licensee that is the part of an unfamiliar substance the Relevant Income of which is liable to burden in a ward other than UAE


As per The UAE Economic Substance Regulations Relevant Activities Guide, organizations with the accompanying exercises should survey and follow the prerequisites of the ESR:


Service of Finance has given an Economic Substance Flow Chart which decides if elements are needed to present a yearly warning and afterward document an Economic Substance Report or not.


Ministry of Finance (MOF) has chosen to incorporate the record of ESR notice and announcing. Henceforth, If the Licensees are falling under ESR guidelines they should record the warning to the MOF entrance. Here are the accompanying cutoff times to recall:

MOF Portal Goes Live ==> first seven day stretch of December

ESR Re-accommodation of Notification ==> From the first seven day stretch of December onwards (warning should be documented inside a half year from the finish of the Financial Year)

ESR first Annual Report ==> 31 January 2021

All UAE elements are emphatically prescribed to survey or re-evaluate whether and which of their elements and exercises fall inside the extent of the ESR and how to guarantee they can meet the Economic Substance Test in regard to each pertinent Activity.

Step by step instructions to GET READY FOR ESR REPORTING

ESR Substance Report format for the accommodation of the report has been given by the MOF to empower Licensee readiness. The following is a rundown of key necessities of the Economic Substance Test as brief direction for the planning of each Licensee (if pertinent):

Coordinated and overseen in UAE ==> The Licensee must be “coordinated and oversaw” in the UAE for the Relevant Activity (ies) it embraces (e.g., through holding and minuting executive gatherings in the UAE, having a UAE based administrator or potentially chiefs, and so forth)

Having satisfactory substance ==> The Licensee has a satisfactory number of qualified workers, actual resources (e.g., office space), and yearly working consumptions in the UAE comparative with the Activity embraced.

Center Income Generating Exercises (“CIGAs”) ==> The Licensee should play out the connected CIGAs in the UAE.


Any Licensee who neglects to agree with Ministerial Decision no.100 for the year 2020 on the issuance of mandates for the usage of the arrangements of the Cabinet Decision no.57 of 2020 concerning Economic Substance Requirements will be dependent upon the accompanying punishments:

Inability to File Notification to MOF Portal ==> AED 20,000

Inability to Submit Report ==> AED 50,000

Inability to give exact or complete Information ==> AED 50,000

Additionally, here are the punishments concerning exhibiting adequate Economic Substance in the UAE for the pertinent period:

The first year of disappointment ==> The punishment of AED 50,000 and Information trade with the unfamiliar equipped authority of:

  • Parent organization,
  • The extreme parent organization, and
  • Extreme helpful proprietor.

Second-year of disappointment ==> The punishment of AED 400,000 and Trade/Commercial License could be suspended, removed, or not reestablished, and data trade with unfamiliar capable authority as above.

Beneath you’ll locate an overall translation of the Economic Substance Flow Chart that is given by the UAE Ministry of Finance.

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