Tax Agency

Benefits of Using a Certified Tax Agency in the UAE

To support the introduction of VAT Registration in the UAE, the FTA defined the role of Tax Agents to support businesses in fully complying with the Legislation. Businesses can appoint qualified parties as Tax Agents to represent them to advise and manage procedural requirements under Federal Law No. 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures.

Although many firms offer FTA Tax Services, assistance from a tax specialist with a full understanding of Federal Tax Authority procedures and requirements is advisable.

Tax agents are regularly briefed by the FTA with updates and clarifications to the VAT legislation. As such, they can ensure businesses are fully aware of their obligations and can comply without the risk of administrative penalties.

Why Use a Certified Tax Agency in the UAE?

Tax Agents are subject to attaining recognized qualifications and certification by the Federal Tax Authority. The certification process is extensive and requires an understanding of the Legislation with insight to effectively manage the FTA procedures.